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A Snowball’s Chance

It has been… an incredibly long and blurry month. Due to illness and overall exhaustion, I don’t even remember much of the last several weeks. But yesterday I began to feel somewhat recovered and decided to browse through social media to catch up on what I’ve missed. And I stumbled across something unexpected. An interesting little bit of information that has left me stunned and with a number of mixed feelings.

In a few of my other posts, I’ve talked a little about Upon A Twice Time by Air and Nothingness Press and what an incredible experience that has been for me. Upon A Twice Time is the first publication I’ve ever been a part of that paid pro rates, and so also the first publication which qualified me for membership in the SFWA, the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America. Yesterday, carelessly roaming through social media, I learned my inclusion in Upon A Twice Time has also made me eligible to be nominated for a Hugo award in the best short story category.

Looking at my name on Air and Nothingness Press’s list of eligible stories after the kind of month this has been, I felt kind of faint and dizzy. And today I just don’t know how to feel at all. I’m still very tired from everything this month has brought into my life and none of this seems to be real. But somehow it is. I don’t really have a snowball’s chance of even being nominated for an award, much less of winning one, but the fact this year I am eligible to be nominated is still an accomplishment I’m coming to terms with.

So, while I work my way through recovering from this start to the year 2022, a year which has already been so very eventful in so many ways, I’m just here asking you to be a little giddy with me. A snowball’s chance isn’t much at all, but it is still a chance. And where there’s possibility there is room for amazing things.

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