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Split Scream Volume Five Review

Special thanks to Tenebrous Press for the ARC copy they provided.

It’s always a privilege to read a Tenebrous Press book. Like seriously. Everytime. And while Split Scream Volume Five might not be my favorite 10p title, it’s still a good one.

This volume in the Split Scream series isn’t my top pick among the delightful bunch of double feature novelettes, but it remains an intriguing read. And, let’s face it, my personal taste isn’t yours and you shouldn’t read that much into it. Just because I liked other volumes in this series a tiny bit more than this one doesn’t mean you won’t have the complete opposite opinion.

Read the damn book. Decide for yourself. You won’t regret it (in my opinion) because this is still one hell of a good ride and a fine double feature. I just happen to be biased and in love with this one particular volume of Split Scream that I just don’t think can be topped, okay?

The first novelette in Split Scream Volume Five, The Girl With Barnacles For Eyes by Lyndsey Croal, struck me as a sad, wistful tale of injustice against those socially seen as weaker. Both the main characters are taken advantage of, one as a side show, and the other as free manual labor, until they mutually determine to not be used anymore.

That decision to respect each other’s agency and cultivate their own independence was a glorious one to see, and I enjoyed every moment of it.

Of the two tales in this book, though, I think I enjoyed The Ballad of Horse Girl by Bitter Karella most. This one reminded me of the westerns I used to watch with my father, and while I didn’t appreciate them at the time, those movies have become fond memories. I think my father would have enjoyed this novelette.

Yes, yes I do.

Dishonest priests, deals with the devil, weird happenings and unexpected twists, characters coming back from the dead to fulfill their revenge. Yeah, my dad would have loved this, and I did too.

Well done Tenebrous and Karella. Well done indeed.

I might not be of the opinion any upcoming Split Scream can top my favorite of the bunch, but I’m here to be proven wrong. I can’t wait to see what 10p will put together next.

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